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A twitter user suggested BCCI a best plan to reschedule IPL 2020

A twitter user suggested BCCI a best plan to reschedule IPL 2020
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A twitter user suggested a plan to reschedule IPL 2020:

IPL(Indian premier league) was going to start from March 29 but due to government visa policy, BCCI has to postpone the tournament until April 15 because of the unavailability of foreign players.

Coronavirus affected many sectors and cricket is one of them. Many cricket tournaments and series are either postponed or called off due to health-related reasons.

As IPL is already 15 days late, BCCI will surely try to reduce the number of matches and will make it short as possible. BCCI can’t be called off IPL because of its huge revenue.


IPL is getting too long:

Where one of the cricket fan named ‘Safia Feroz’ asked Brad Hogg:

“Don’t you think IPL is losing its charm? IPL is getting way too long, at times it’s boring. T20 leagues should be just one 1-month long don’t you think so?”

On this, Brad Hogg replied, “Agreed. Short tournaments for Franchise T20 cricket is the way to go. I feel the IPL is different from the population of India putting it in a different position to others, it can afford to be longer as it gets more interest than some of the international series India play.”

A fan suggested IPL 2020 Reschedule:

One of the twitter users tagged Brad Hogg and suggested his way of rescheduling the IPL tournament so that it will become possible for BCCI to organize it successfully in this bad time.

“Hi, Brad. Would you be comfortable with an IPL format based on the Women’s T20 WC one? 2 groups, 4 teams in each. Top 2 from each play Semi-Final then Final. Do away with the home-away format and limit the number of venues. Would be better logistically too and you can get a fair tournament.”, Fan asked.

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Brad Hogg liked this guy’s suggestion and then Brad tweeted about this and tagged BCCI president Sourav Ganguly and BCCI itself.

To Ganguly & #BCCI @d_moinak has a great solution for the #IPL time-poor scenario. 2 groups of 4 each play in one region, reducing travel requirements, with 2 semi-finals and final played at a different venue from group stages. Saves logistics and minimizes health risks.”, Brad tweeted.