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Ab devilliers asks Sadhguru about fixing South Africa’s rough past

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Ab de Villiers wise talk with Sadhguru:

A video is trending on social media in which Former South African player Ab de Villiers asks questions to Indian Wiseman Sadhguru. Questions by Ab de Villiers were mixup of fun and high stuff.

ABD first asked Sadhguru about telling him the lottery number so he can win big. On this question, Indian Sadhguru gave him a Wise answer.

Although, That wasn’t the intense question ABD was kidding.

Ab de Villiers, “My question to you today is what is going to next weekend’s Lotto numbers be?”

He then said I am just kidding. Then 36 years old ABD asked some serious questions on the poor conditions of South Africa for the past years.

What Sadhguru replied:

Sadhguru answered ABD’s questions very wisely, during a Satsang.

“I will come to that towards the end because if I offer you the numbers immediately then people will know you’ve got won a lottery, you’ll be in danger. I don’t want that to happen because we would like to see you hitting the ball for a few longer .”, Sadhguru said.

Then while answering the wise answer to ABD question,

Sadhguru said, “The wonderful continent that Africa is, has gone through pain and suffering within the last 200 years and continues to suffer in many parts of it even today, what we call because the past doesn’t exist, so we cannot fix it, But it exists in our hearts. Either to show our experiences into wisdom or make a wound out of it”.

We can fix the future. Please don’t attempt to fix the past because we can’t, don’t suffer something that’s already over. Let’s create an excellent future for this excellent country, South Africa.

Then ABD posted on twitter and thanked Sadhguru for his wiseful and beautiful answer.


Who is Sadhguru:

A man born in September 1957 in Karnataka named Jaggi Vasudev.
Jaggi Vasudev then established an Organisation called Isha Foundation in 1992, which is meant to involvement in education, Spirituality, environment, etc. He then referred to as Sadhguru.

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Jaggi Vasudev gives his wise lessons to common peoples through his video sessions and alongside that, he goes places to places to share his knowledge.
Jaggi Vasudev is aware of peoples about real-life problems like our environment, education, and spirituality.