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Albie Morkel explains why csk is successful team in IPL under Ms Dhoni

Albie morkel explains why Csk is successful under dhoni captaincy
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Albie Morkel stated CSK success in IPL under Dhoni captaincy:

‘Johannes Albertus Morkel’¬†known as Albie Morkel is a 38-year-old South African all-rounder cricketer. He is a right-hand medium-fast bowler and left-hand batsman. Albie has played under Dhoni captaincy and Now he is a part of the CSK team since 2008, which shows the loyalty and importance of a player.

He is not as famous as many other foreign players but yet he has a good image in the team. In his early days, he was known for his Six hitting abilities.

Albie Morkel openly talked about Ms Dhoni leadership qualities:

We all know how big player Ms Dhoni is, his contribution to Indian cricket is huge. Albie Morkel has been playing under Ms Dhoni captaincy in the Chennai Super Kings team. So after spending a long time with Dhoni, he knows a lot about him.

Recently, Albie gave a statement, in which he was saying about how important Dhoni is for Chennai Super Kings. Because he is a good leader and he knows how to get the best out of his team players.

“He plays a big role. We all know how big Dhoni is in India. He is one amongst the most effective T20 and white-ball players ever to play the sport and if you get him as a leader, it’s getting to bring success as he knows the way to get the best out of his players,” Said Albie Morkel.

“It all comes from keeping your core group of players together for a long time and have the same captain, Dhoni, for all seasons apart from the 2 years when they weren’t part of the competition. Consistency is their secret. Over a previous couple of seasons, they need made the finals eight times out of 10,” Albie added.

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Ms Dhoni – Best strategy maker:

Ms Dhoni is always best in strategies, we see it many times. He knows how to be a step ahead in those situations. Dhoni selects some quality players and maintains them for a long period of time. That’s what we saw in the CSK team.
Ravindra Jadeja, R. Ashwin, Dwayne Bravo, Harbhajan Singh, Shane Watson. Ms Dhoni set his team and then showed to the world how to win trophies.