Home TEAMS AUSTRALIA Australian cricketer Alex Hepburn was jailed for raping a sleeping woman

Australian cricketer Alex Hepburn was jailed for raping a sleeping woman

Alex Hepburn was jailed for raping a sleeping woman
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Alex Hepburn was jailed for raping a sleeping woman:

English Cricketer Alex Hepburn has lost his appeal in the court for his conviction overturned. Last year, Alex Hepburn was found guilty of raping a sleeping woman. After that, He was jailed for five years.

24 years old Alex Hepburn was jailed for five years for assaulting a ‘dozing’ woman. During a conquest contest which he helped to hold on WhatsApp.

The prosecution had said that He was fired up from the contest to sleep with the most women before happening the rape at his flat on April 2017.


Recently, In the early of this month,  Alex Hepburn challenged his conviction in the court of appeal.

Judges denied his appeal at the appeal court:

But his appeal was down by three judges including lord chief justice saying, “The conviction is not unsafe.”

Earlier this month, London’s court of appeal heard that the messages about sex games. They said that it should not have been revealed in a rape trial.

Appeal court judges had said that the report sent to the jury didn’t show that he was willing to have sex without permission.

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The court heard that many of the messages related to a game between Alex Hepburn and a number of others to gain sexual activities.

David Emanuel, Hepburn’s lawyer said that  “just not supported by anything in the messages”.

Emanuel said to judges, “I accept it would be different if there was talk of sex against will or trickery to gain a point or taking a chance. But there’s nothing like that in the messages. They are too far removed to be able to be to do with the facts of the alleged offense.”

Miranda Moore QC said to judges, “this wasn’t a bit of boyish banter at a point in time.”

But a “deep-seated and long-running game between a number of professional sportsmen”.

Last year, Judge Jim Tindal said that Alex and his former teammate Joe Clarke had agreed to  “pathetic sexist game to collect as many sexual encounters as possible.

Talking about the Whatsapp chat group, Judge said, “You probably thought it was laddish behavior at the time. In truth, it was foul sexism.”