Home cricket news ‘Brahmin Only’ cricket tournament to be played in Hyderabad

‘Brahmin Only’ cricket tournament to be played in Hyderabad

'Brahmin Only' cricket tournament to be played in Hyderabad

There are die-hard fans of Cricket in India and it is deemed as a religion. However, A bizarre incident from Hyderabad has to come in a news. A tournament was being organized where the organizers only wanted players from their caste.

In Hyderabad, a tournament by the name of Brahmin Cricket Tournament took place and the matches were held at the BSR Grounds, Bandlaguda, Nagole. In one of the templates of the tournament, It was clearly written that It is compulsory for every player to carry ID proof and no other caste players are not allowed.

Dates of December 25 and December 26 were also mentioned on posters. It means matches were played on Christmas and Boxing Day. According to the reports of News18, the tournament took place after it was authorized by the local elected bodies.


COVID-19 rules and regulations were also followed by organizers. If reports are to be believed, One of the organizers’ phone number was mentioned on the poster.

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Back in 1950, Independent India’s Constitution banned discrimination, based on caste in an attempt to correct historical injustices and provide equal opportunities. The authorities also announced quotas in government jobs and educational institutions for scheduled castes and tribes.

This caste-based (Brahmin cricket) tournament takes place every year. It was not new for the Hyderabad public. But it came in limelight, when someone posted this poster on social media and it went viral on December 27.