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Bravo made fun of Rayudu saying ‘I don’t understand, Why CSK picked you?’

DJ Bravo made fun of Rayudu saying 'I don't understand, Why CSK picked you?'
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DJ Bravo made fun of Ambati Rayudu by saying, ” I don’t understand, why CSK even bought you”:

West Indies all-rounder DJ Bravo is a very entertaining player along with good allrounder skills. In a recent Instagram live chat with CSK social media handle, Dwayne Bravo revealed that he loves to tease his teammate Ambati Rayudu.

DJ has played three seasons with the Mumbai Indians and at that time they were teammates and used to share the dressing room. DJ Bravo is a fun-loving guy and he can’t let anyone got bore under his company.

While talking with CSK, Bravo said, “I like to say ‘you’re not good, you’re rubbish. I don’t know why CSK bought you’. These things get to his head.”.


“He doesn’t respond to me with words but his batting skills. He always proves me wrong.”

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“I always feel happy for his success”, Bravo:

Along with fun moments, Dwayne said that some good things about Ambati Rayudu. 

“He is a great man and I love his company. Rayudu is very passionate about cricket. If you know him, you will love him but If you don’t know him than you may feel bad things about him”, Dwayne Bravo.

Dwayne is playing with CSK(Chennai Super Kings) for a long time and shocks everyone with his all-round skills.

He plays mostly in T20 leagues like many other Caribbean players and he knows how to perform and behave in these leagues.