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Dinesh Karthik ups and downs story of his cricket career and love

Dinesh Karthik upside down story of his cricket career and love
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34 years old Dinesh Karthik belongs to Chennai and He is well known for his exceptional cricket career and interesting extraordinary Love story with Squash Player Dipika Pallikal.

Team India’s great cricketer Dinesh Karthik has a lot of turmoil in his personal life just like his professional life. Dinesh Karthik was completely broken after the deception he got in his first marriage. Actually. Dinesh Karthik had married Nikita but his relationship with her was not good and broke her after some time.

When Dinesh Knew that his wife was in a relationship with his friend Murli Vijay, He gave her divorce. At that time, Nikita was pregnant. But after Divorce, Nikita married with Murali Vijay. After Nikita, Squash Player Dipika Pallikal came in his life and his love story began again.


Dinesh Karthik’s love story with Dipika Pallikal began with hatred and it was not first at love sight. It was because Dipika hated cricketers and believed that the kind of hype and fame that cricketers get dwarfs other sportspersons.


Dinesh met the first time with Dipika in Gym. They were taking fitness sessions under the same coach, Bash Shankar. Talking in the interview, Dipika Pallikal reveals her parents knew him. Dipika’s mother booked tickets for foreign traveling due to that her mother knew Dinesh. ‘

‘ When Dinesh Karthik messaged me the first time, He didn’t say Hii, or Hello and He directly asked me for dinner. But I never replied to him because I didn’t know him. After this, every time I kept avoiding him by making some excuse and usually I would say that I have a flight.’ Dipika added.

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She further said, ‘ That time, I didn’t know that Dinesh Karthik comes in the same gym. One day, When I came to the gym, he was there. He was happy When he saw me and told me that Today is not a flight, I thought what to say now, though I would go to dinner once and get rid of it. Then I said that I have a flight tomorrow, only till 7 in the morning. Then Dinesh said ok We meet tomorrow. we met two times in a day.’

‘ Dinesh proposed to me at dinner then I went home and told everything to my parents. They were also very shocked Because Dinesh was married first, second he was Hindu. My mother met Dinesh after proposing Dinesh, she liked him. Then Dinesh and I were in a relationship for about 8 months, after which we got engaged, and after 3 years of engagement we got married.’ She added.

The two made their relationship official with an engagement ceremony in Chennai on November 15, 2013. However, due to busy schedules, their marriage, which was supposed to be held in 2014, was pushed to 2015.