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How to Bet On Cricket – Guided Steps

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How to Bet On Cricket – Guided Steps

The expansion of cricket and the number of fans it adds every year undoubtedly makes it one of the most popular sports in the modern world. Fans like every format of cricket are it One Day International (ODIs), Five-Day Test Matches, or even the thrilling T20s.

The growing popularity of this sport has also invited those who have their guessing game strong to come and bet on their instincts. And while betting on cricket may seem just another thing, it does require some knowledge and considerations before you could start the real game. If you are a newbie who just wants to know how and what is the right way to bet, this article is for you.

The following steps can help you take that first step in betting, making sure you do it the right way. Here is how:

Get Started – Choose a Credible Site

The first and foremost step to betting is to choose which site would be the best for you. And since there are plenty of betting sites that even provide live cricket matches and videos, it is easy to get confused about deciding which one is perfect for your first betting venture. However, we have kept it simple here and have listed the four best sites for you to have a look at.

  • Bet365

The website is licensed and approved by the Malta Gaming Authority and has numerous cricket betting variants.

  • Betway

Aside from the fact that it has a lucrative promotional offer, using a betway also enables you to analyze the form of competing teams.

  • 1XBet

The website is legal in whopping 50 countries and offers ball-by-ball cricketing action to pump the bettors.

  • BetWinner

The website has a good variety of cricket betting markets that the users can leverage to increase their odds of winning. A section to view past results of teams gives users a complete picture of the team.

Out of these four, our best bet is to go with Betway. The reason is pretty simple. The website has an attractive UI with games ranging from casino to even online poker. Best part? All the games are available for playing on mobile devices and the website directly through your browser. No external apps are needed.

Deposit Funds

Done with the first step? Great. The next step is to create your account on one of the websites you have chosen above and load funds to your account. Now there is a number of different ways a user can load money into their account, but for the Indian audiences, the options can be limited. However, the most common ones include payments via Credit card, Debit card, bank transfer, Skrill, Neteller, ecoPayz, and more. Although it is recommended to go with Debit/Credit cards.

Almost all the betting websites require you to load funds before you could start betting on your favorite team. Although many of these sites do offer attractive signup bonus that goes as high as ₹30,000 on your first deposit. Do check the TnCs before proceeding.

Final Step – Place Your Bet

Once you have loaded your account with the appropriate amount, it is time to start the real game – bet on the odds. But, what are these odds? How exactly do they work? Simply put, the odds you get means how much you will win if the team you put your bet on wins. Suppose if you put ₹100 on Team A at 1.5 odds, you will get ₹150 back if Team A wins. In the amount won, ₹100 is the original bet and ₹50 is your winning amount. Thus, the more the odds, the more you win.

That is why it is important to have an understanding of the teams you want to place your bets on. Studying their past performance, players in the playing eleven, and what has been their track record against the opponent in previous matches is a good exercise you must follow. Having a clear understanding of all the how-tos can make it a tad-bit easy to predict the outcome. However, it is not sure, but you have an upper hand and your preparation can fruit you great results.

Once you are ready, click on the wager you would like to make, enter the amount, and confirm to place your bet. Done.


Cricket betting may not be rocket science but it is definitely something that amateurs can take time to master. Experienced bettors are the know-alls of this game and have mastered this after years of betting experience. Don’t get intimated by someone if they are placing big bets and winning more. The idea for you as a beginner is to go slow and place small bets before you could proceed in investing more.