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“Indian fans using room service to take selfies with players”, Justin Langer

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“Indian fans sometimes pretend themselves as room service to take selfies”, Justin Langer:

Australian former cricketer Justin Langer is the current head coach of Australia cricket. BCCI appointed him as a head coach of the Indian men’s team in May 2018. Justin Langer came in India many times, sometimes as a cricketer and as a coach as well.

Langer shared some interesting memories and craziness of Indians about cricket and players as well. He shared these interesting stories in an Amazon Prime documentary “The Test: A New Era For Australia’s Team”.


Justin Langer said, “Peoples in India sometimes pretends themselves as room service in order to take a selfie and sometimes it feels really weird. Even in the hotel room, it is not uncommon for someone to knock at your door and fake room service and ask for selfies. It’s like literally relentless.”

As everyone knows, In Indian cricket is not only a cricket it’s a religion for peoples. Peoples love cricket at another level, they just breathe cricket. For Indians, cricket is a religion and cricketers are god-like Sachin Tendulkar.


This type of statement was made by many other Australian Players as well. Like another Australian cricketer, Glenn Maxwell he is one of the loved cricketers in India. As Glenn Maxwell come to play in IPL, He was supported by the Indian crowd.

He also made a statement about how Indian fans love him and want to click selfies with him but sometimes he has to disappoint them because of the huge crowd.

“It is not the easiest thing to deal with as you want to give everyone some our time, there are 10 people waiting for a photo, then another 10, but you will always gonna disappoint someone”, said Glenn Maxwell.

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Along with it, there are a lot more cricketers who are loved by Indian peoples from different-different countries.

Ab Devilliers.
Chris Gayle.
David Warner.
Dwayne Bravo ( aka Dj Bravo ).
Kieran Pollard.

And the list is so long. Because these players came in India to play in IPL and so peoples in India treats them as their own peoples.