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IPL 2021: Andre Russell reveals his bizarre superstitions

IPL 2021: Andre Russell reveals his bizzare superstitions
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Many Cricketers around the world believe in some superstitions before starting to play. Players believe that certain things work out well for them when they stick to certain rules. Recently, KKR superstar Andre Russell throws light on some superstitions before moving on to the cricket field. Andre Russell revealed two things he believes in before starting to play.

KKR spent some time with Shivam Mavi and Russell for their Knight Club series and got out some exciting observations. While talking about his superstitions, Andre Russell said,

“Yeah of course. Every player has superstitions. Some are over the moon, while some are simpler. My superstition would be making sure that my left leg goes over the rope (first) before I enter the field. I tap my bat four times before the bowler approaches me. If I don’t do that, I feel that I am not going to do well when that ball is bowled.”


Andre Russell sharing his superstitious believes:

KKR Pacer Shivam Mavi also shared his superstitions which turned out to be the opposite of Andre Russell.

Mavi said, “Yes, I have my superstitions as well. When I go to the ground, I put my right leg forward first. Yes (It is the other way round to Andre Russell’s!)”.