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Irfan Pathan recalls how his father got angry on Javed Miandad statement

bowlers like Irfan Pathan in every street of Pakistan, says Javed Miandad
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Irfan Pathan reveals how his father reacted after Pakistan’s coach statement:

Indian former cricketer and fast bowler Irfan Pathan, who shared an incident of 2004 India vs Pakistan series. India was touring Pakistan for 3 Test matches series.

Before the Pakistan tour, Irfan Pathan was just made his Test debut against Australia. where he did well and India was drawn the series.

At that time, Javed Miandad was the coach of Pakistan team and before India vs Pakistan series, he made a statement about Indian fast bowler Irfan Pathan who just came in International cricket and doing pretty well.

”Bowlers like Irfan Pathan are in every gully and mohalla of Pakistan”, Miandad:

Javed Miandad stated in an interview with Faisal Shareef that India does not have bowlers like Shoaib Akhtar and Mohammad Sami. Pathan can not do to our batsman’s what our bowlers can do to Indian batsmen.

“Pathan can’t scare us because he doesn’t have enough pace.”

”Your Irfan Pathans are in every gully and mohalla of Pakistan. We don’t even bother to look at them”, Pakistan coach Javed Miandad.

“I want to meet him(Miandad) in the dressing room”, Irfan’s father:

Irfan Pathan’s father did not like the statement of Javed Miandad. When Indian won 2 Matches and in the 3rd match Irfan Pathan’s father was there to enjoy cricket.

He went to Irfan and asked him, “I want to meet Miandad”. When Irfan Pathan’s father met Javed Miandad in the Pakistan dressing room, he was like “no I didn’t say anything like that about your son”.

Then Irfan’s father said, “I didn’t come here to say anything to you. I wanted to meet you as you were a wonderful player”.

No one knew about the full story until Irfan Pathan shared it within an interview with Starsports.