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Jofra Archer old tweet on Cylone Nisarga in Mumbai goes viral

Jofra Archer's old tweet about Mumbai is going viral on social media When the cyclone Nisarga hit Mumbai a couple of days ago.

Jofra Archer tweet about mumbai
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India is currently going to outrageous phase in the coronavirus pandemic. The wrath of Covid-19 is haunting the whole world. Now, India is the 6th most affected country by the Covid-19 pandemic. Maharashtra state has been affected to a large extent where 75,000 cases registered till now with 2587 deaths.

In this Covid-19 pandemic, India is not only affecting from Covid-19 but also Cyclones are hitting the Indian side.  A couple of weeks ago, The Amphan cyclone came that destroyed Odisha and West Bengal and brutally affected the people’s lives. Now, The Cyclone Nisarga has hit Mumbai. It came at a speed of 90-100 mph affected a lot of people there.


In the meantime, England fast bowler Jofra Archer’s old tweet is going viral on social media and again came into the limelight. This time his tweet is related to the difficulties of Mumbai. From the last few months, Some old tweets of Jofra Archer have been going viral on social media especially his tweets about India.


This time, His tweet “MUMBAI GONE” is going viral on social media when the Cyclone Nisarga has hit the Mumbai in this tough time. He tweeted this tweet on his official twitter handle on 16 September 2016.

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Here is Jofra Archer tweet: