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Karthik reveals CSK picked Ms Dhoni over me ‘Biggest dagger to my heart’

Karthik reveals CSK picked Ms Dhoni over me Biggest dagger to my heart
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Dinesh Karthik wants CSK to pick him:

Indian wicketkeeper-batsman who made his debut in the India team in September 2004 and at that time Indian team was lacking good wicketkeeper who can score runs as well.

In the same year, December 2004, MS Dhoni made his ODI debut in the Indian team. Now the fight was between them because only one wicketkeeper can take his place in the team.


MS Dhoni was brilliant wicketkeeper-batsman, India got at that time and no one could beat him behind the stumps.

After that Dinesh Karthik’s career became full of ups and downs. He selected for the team and then dropped.

“I was sure, CSK is going to pick me. Just captaincy was the issue”, Dinesh Karthik:

In a recent interview with the Cricbuzz, Dinesh Karthik shared that he always wants to play from CSK(Chennai Super Kings). Because he is from Chennai and it was always his dream to be a member of the hometown team.

In the year 2008, When the IPL league started, Dinesh Karthik was the regular player of the Indian cricket team. He said he was sure that as he is the only player from Tamil Nadu so CSK(Chennai Super Kings) is going to pick him. He was just thinking that ‘CSK will make him captain or not’.

But during the auctions, CSK didn’t show interest in Karthik and made their best bid on Mahendra Singh Dhoni. At that time, CSK bought Dhoni with almost 6 Crore INR.

“In 2008, I was in Australia and the auction was happening. In the lead up to that, I was convinced that the biggest name from Tamil Nadu who is also playing for the country. I am sure they are going to pick me. The question is whether they are going to make me the captain or not that was going on in my head,” Dinesh Karthik said.

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Dinesh mentioned this thing in the past also:

This was no first time when Dinesh Karthik talked about this issue. Back in 2018, He mentioned during another public interview also.