Home TWITTER REACTIONS Kevin Pieterson hindi tweet on coronavirus is going viral on social media

Kevin Pieterson hindi tweet on coronavirus is going viral on social media

kevin pieterson hindi tweet on coronavirus
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Kevin Pieterson Hindi tweet on coronavirus:

England former player Kevin Pieterson has posted a tweet on twitter which is going viral on social media. Actually, He has tweeted this tweet in the Hindi language.

Kevin Pieterson has also told in a tweet that which player has learned him Hindi? He addressed to India by saying ‘Namaste India’. As we all know that Kevin Pieterson loves India and Indian peoples as he has already said many times.

Kevin Pieterson wrote in a tweet, ” Namaste India hum sab coronavirus ko harane mein ek saath hai , hum sab apne apne sarkar ki Baat ka nirdes kare aur Ghar me kuch Dino ke liye rahe , yeh Samay hai hosiyaar rahene ka. App sab hi ko der Sara Pyaar.
My Hindi teacher – @shreevats1

(Hello India, we all are together to defeat the coronavirus. We will follow the rules of our government and lives inside the home for a few days. This is a time for keeping an alert. Lots of love to all of you.)

In reply, Shreevats Goswami wrote- Such a good learner. Next time you take a video and speak in Hindi too.


Cricket fans have also retweeted his tweet with interesting comments. Let me tell you, WHO has already declared an epidemic to coronavirus. Many sports events have canceled due to coronavirus outbreak. IPL 2020 has also suspended until 15 April due to coronavirus concerns.