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Rohit Sharma replies Suresh Raina on comparing with Ms Dhoni

Rohit Sharma replies Suresh Raina comparing with Dhoni
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Rohit Sharma responded when compared with Ms Dhoni:

Rohit Sharma responded on his twitter account when asked about his comparison with Ms Dhoni. He replied through video in his Q&A session.

Earlier this weekend, Suresh Raina was on a talk with “The Super Over Podcast”. While talking Suresh Raina makes the comparison of Rohit Sharma with Ms Dhoni. 

“Rohit Sharma is next MS Dhoni,” Said Suresh Raina:

Raina had played under both the captains and know a lot about both of them. 


“I’ve seen Rohit, he is a very calm person. He likes to give confidence to the players and on top of that, He likes to lead from the front. Rohit likes to listen to the players especially bowlers.”

“He is one of the top-most, after MS Dhoni. He has won more trophies than Dhoni, but I would say they both are very similar. When your captain is listening, you can solve a lot of problems, you can solve the mental problems of the players. So in my book, they both are wonderful,” said Suresh Raina.

“I would say, Rohit is the next MS Dhoni for the Indian team,” Suresh Raina concluded.

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“Every individual is different, there shouldn’t be any comparison”, Rohit:

“Yes, I heard about that comment from Suresh Raina. MS Dhoni is one of a kind and nobody can be like him and I believe comparisons should not be made like that, every individual is different and has his strengths and weaknesses,” Rohit responded.

Here is the video of twitter posted by Rohit: