Home TEAMS PAKISTAN Saeed Ajmal claims ICC was banned him because of being pakistani

Saeed Ajmal claims ICC was banned him because of being pakistani

Saeed Ajmal claims ICC was banned him because of being pakistani
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“ICC banned me because of being Pakistani”, Saeed Ajmal:

Pakistani former right-arm off-spin bowler, who used to all the three formats of cricket T20, ODI, Test. In 2009, Peoples started questioning Saeed Ajmal’s bowling action but at that time ICC officials showed him a green flag on basis of Ajmal’s medical reports. And ICC allowed him to play cricket.
2004, Accident changed Ajmal’s career:

It all started back in 2004 when Pakistani bowlers engaged with a deadly road accident. Saeed Ajmal was badly injured in that car accident and got 48 stitches on his body.

But because of self-belief he recovered and came on the field once again but this time he was not normal, there was a little gap in his elbow. Which was because of the accident.Saeed Ajmal remained king of spinners between 2009 – 2014. Batsmen have to face difficulties to play him especially English batsman. Pakistan won many matches because of Saeed’s performance.

2014, Ban on Saeed:

In the year 2014, Saeed Ajmal again became the victim and peoples started raising questions on his bowling style. At that time he again showed his medical reports but this time ICC officials banned him from playing International cricket and in 2017 he retired from international cricket.


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In 2020, Saeed Ajmal recalled incidents:

Saeed is not happy with the decision of ICC officials. According to Ajmal, His reports were the same in 2009 and in 2014. But ICC allowed him to play in 2009 but banned in 2014. Ajmal believed, he was banned from international cricket because he was a Pakistani.

Srilankan cricketer Murli Dharan also became the victim of many controversies in his career. “After Murli Dharan left, They decided to ban me by thinking, Pakistan Cricket board can’t do anything”, Ajmal.

After the accident, there remained a little gap between his bones. So, to throw the ball with force, he has to bend the elbows and according to officials that were against the laws.