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Shikhar Dhawan reveals why doesn’t he grow hair on his head?

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Shikhar Dhawan answered about his bald head:

Team India left-hand opener Shikhar Dhawan is entertaining his followers in this world pandemic. Due to coronavirus when every government suggesting their peoples stay at home and in India also people’s remaining home. Seems like the world has stopped for some time and earth is healing itself.

In today’s world due to the Internet, Anyone can contact with the other persons even if the person is thousands of kilometers away.  Same this is doing Social media nowadays when Coronavirus separating peoples. On the other side social media is connecting peoples.

Fan asked about bald head:


Recently Shikhar Dhawan did a session on Instagram in which people ask questions and Dhawan answers them called “Ask me anything”.

Fans are always crazy to know things about inspiration on this. A fan asked Shikhar “Why do you don’t grow hair on your head?”. Shikhar Dhawan replied to him and said, “Because I look good without hair and it saves shampoo also”.

Another fan asked, “How do you do such a good batting?”

Shikhar replied, “With bat”.
Of course in both the answers Shikhar Dhawan was in the humor.
shikhar dhawan reveals his bald head reason
Photo credit-social media

Dhawan is very active on social media:

Like many other cricketers, Dhawan is very active on social media and entertain his followers. Shikhar has a huge fan base of 5.8 Million followers on Instagram and 4.7 Million followers on Twitter. Shikhar posts videos on Twitter and Instagram on a regular basis.