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Yograj Singh responds after BCCI denies Yuvraj Singh’s request

Yograj Singh responds after BCCI denies Yuvraj Singh's request
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Former Indian allrounder Yuvraj Singh wanted to play in domestic cricket but the BCCI denied his request to make his return. Punjab Cricket Association wanted that Yuvraj Singh come back from his retirement and play for Punjab so that Youngsters can learn some skills from veteran Yuvi. But the BCCI stuck to rules.

As per the rules, an Indian cricketer who has been part of any other foreign league can’t make his return to Indian cricket, including IPL. Hence, BCCI said no to him even Yuvraj Singh had joined Punjab’s camp. Although Yuvi has not reacted to this decision, but his father Yograj Singh responds after BCCI denies it.

Yograj Singh suggestion after BCCI denied Yuvraj comeback:

In the conversation with Asianet news, Yograj Singh said, “I’m not sure of the exact reason, as I’m yet to speak with Yuvi on the same. But, it’s entirely the choice of the BCCI. However, I feel that ample time should be given to the retired players to make a comeback and play with the young boys, who have a lot to learn from them.” 


“I think it was really important for him to play the game with the boys, at least that’s what I felt, along with Puneet Bali. Before the IPL, we once had a camp and asked him to play with the boys.”

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“Yuvi said that he was too old now. But, I insisted that he should play with them. He played four-five innings and looked in fine touch while the boys were shocked and wondered that how could he play at such a level even today?” Yograj Singh added.

After his retirement in 2019, Yuvraj Singh went on to play Canada T20 league and T10 league. There was also news that Yuvraj Singh might see in Big Bash league 2020/2021 but it didn’t happen.