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Yuvraj Singh reveals this player was got the massive back up by dhoni

Yuvraj Singh reveals Suresh raina was got the massive back by dhoni
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On Saturday, Yuvraj Singh had an interview with SportsTak in which anchor ‘Vikrant Gupta’ who was also a cricketer at a time, asked many questions to the Yuvraj Singh about his ups and downs during career.

During the period of lockdown, When almost every cricketer is free and anchors are not leaving any chance of having an interview with popular cricketers.

In the talk, Yuvraj Singh revealed many incidents about his cricket life journey. He talked about one incident, just before the WorldCup 2011, when MS Dhoni made a statement about “They have to choose between Suresh Raina and Yuvraj Singh”.


Ms Dhoni backed Suresh Raina: Yuvraj Singh

On this, Yuvraj Singh replied ‘Like every captain has one favourite player and he back him up. In the case of Ms Dhoni, Suresh Raina was the player to whom Dhoni has given the priority.”

Ms Dhoni and Suresh Raina were teammates in the CSK(Chennai Super Kings) as well. While playing together they have won IPL trophies together.

“Suresh Raina had a lot of support then because Dhoni used to back him. Every captain has a favourite player and I think Mahi backed Raina at that time,” Yuvi told SportsTak.

Yuvraj also remembered the incident when Dhoni had to choose one player between Suresh Raina and Yusuf Pathan for the playing XI in the world cup 2011. But, Yusuf, Raina and Yuvraj were picked in the end.

“Yusuf Pathan was also performing well at that time and even I was doing well and was also picking wickets. And Raina was not in a good touch then,” he said.

“They did not have a left-arm spinner at that time and I was picking wickets so they did not have any choice,” he added.

“He asked If I have fibre behind my bat”, Yuvraj:

Yuvraj shared a story of old days when the Australia team used to have aggressive behaviour and they were on top in the world.

Yuvi said we don’t want to play defensive or with over strategy against them. I just made my mind to play the natural game and luckily I succeed and scored runs.

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After that match, Australia coach asked Yuvraj, ” Is there any fibre behind your bat.” And in the pool also Adam Gilchrist said Yuvi, ” Yuvraj Singh the biggest hitter in Mexico.

“Who makes your bat. Match referee had also checked my bat. But honestly, that bat was very special for me. I have never played with a bat like that. That one and the 2011 World Cup bat, there were special.” Gilly added.

In short, Australian players weren’t able to digest, Indian players were hitting them runs.