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Yuvraj Singh was my first cricket crush says Rohit sharma

yuvraj singh was my first cricket crush says rohit sharma
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Rohit Sharma reveals when he came to the Indian cricket team, that time Yuvraj Singh was his first cricket crush in the Indian team. Rohit Sharma started his international career in 2007. He was the part of the winning T20 world cup Indian side in 2007.

Rohit Sharma debuted against England in the T20 world cup 2007. It was the same match When Yuvraj Singh had hit 6 sixes in a row in Stuart broad’s over. India won the first T20 world cup after defeating Pakistan in Final.

During the live chat with Yuvraj Singh on Instagram Rohit Sharma reveals, ‘When I came in Team India then Yuvraj Singh was my cricket crush.’ As we all know Yuvraj Singh did a great performance in both winning world cup 2007 and 2011.

Vice-captain Rohit Sharma said, ‘My role was the same as Yuvraj Singh. Came out to bat at no.5 or 6 and finish the game. I wanted to talk and learned from him.’┬áLet me tell you, Rohit Sharma started his international career as a middle-order batsman.

Yuvraj Singh told him to share the first meeting of them. ‘Rohit Sharma smiled and said that Didn’t talk about it’. After that, He said that It was the first time when I was on the team bus. I was afraid that I won’t late that’s why I reached the bus before half an hour and sat on Yuvi Paa seat and saw Yuvraj Singh was coming from the Lobby wearing sunglasses. I was too excited to see him. He asked me did you know whose seat it is? Then He told me to sit on another seat.

Rohit Sharma said, ” after that, our relationship has been good. I learnt so much from you.” Yuvraj Singh already felt that Rohit Sharma will become the most experienced player in the upcoming days.

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Yuvraj Singh said, ‘When you came to the team, you were 20 years old. I see you from the start and I told you that you will become the most matured player in all young players. And it happened. You have set your game at another level.’

Both players also talked about coronavirus pandemic. Rohit Sharma said that we need to be responsible and follow the rules of the government. We should stay at home for our good future.